Drain Cleaning 101: The Warnings You Should Watch Out For

You probably need to give more thought to your home’s plumbing system. This is because when the toilet backs up and floods your bathroom, you’ll be sorry you ignored the warning signs. As a homeowner, remember not to ignore the signs before it’s too late!

Even if you’re used to a slow-moving drain, it’s critical to recognise the warning signs that it needs to be cleaned out. Take care in your activities. Pouring chemicals and drain cleaners down the sink drain can be hazardous to both your health and your home.

Read on to discover more about drain cleaning and the warnings you should watch out for today.

The Slow Drainage

Debris-clogged drains and pipes make it harder to drain water. As shampoo, grease, and hair continue to accumulate, the situation may get worse. The symptoms will only improve if professional drain cleaning is performed. As such, contact a plumber and have him or her inspect any pipe damage that has occurred.

There’s a reason your drain is running so slowly. In case you didn’t know, drains are commonly obstructed by foreign objects or substances. Drains can become clogged over time by debris such as hair, grease, soap, and other substances. Do not put off cleaning your drains.

The Strange Odours

Strange and unpleasant odours are never good to have around in one’s home. It is possible that an issue with your home’s plumbing will produce unpleasant odours emanating from the plumbing fixtures. These odours may be caused by sewer gas or garbage in the drains.

Odours can occasionally be emitted from drains and other plumbing fittings due to the presence of waste or sewage gases. The foul odour of sewage is created by a variety of factors. If water is gathering in your drains rather than being transported away from your home, drain repair is required.

The Recurring Clogs

Clearing out the shower or toilet drains on a regular basis indicates that there is an underlying problem. Never settle if your drains frequently become clogged. The problem should not occur again in the future. If more than one drain or fixture in your home continues to become clogged, your plumbing system’s pipes may be severely jammed.

It’s not a coincidence if you’re frequently clearing out the drain in the bathroom sink or shower. Clogs that occur frequently have the potential to become serious. If your efforts fail, you should seek the guidance of professionals.

The Unexpected gurgles

Drains, apart from odours, also emit sounds. These sounds are mostly gurgles, which indicate a clear sign for cleaning or repair. When the toilet, sink, or shower starts gurgling, it’s a bad sign of a broken sink trap or vent.

To find the true source of the problem, a plumber should inspect this drain because it appears to be clogged with air. 

Gurgling sounds originating from the toilet or drain should be seen as a red flag. Noise is typically produced when air is present in a drain.

The Multiple Clogs

Home fixtures that are clogged by debris might cause severe problems not just in one part of the house, but most (if not all). If many drains are clogged, an obstruction in the principal sewage line is conceivable. This would be the time to make an emergency plumber call.


Drains help us flush out and clean our surroundings. However, they need to be maintained, too. As such, drain cleaning and drain repairs should never be put off. Now that you know what to watch out for, assess your drains and, if necessary, call your trusted plumber to address and fix drain issues immediately.

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