Drainage Plumbing

At Duggan Plumbing we use the latest high pressure hydro cleaning equipment to attend to any problems with your drainage and sewer systems. Our expert technicians are trained in the use of CCTV equipment to detect blockages in your pipes and sewers.

Drainage services

  1. Sewer blockages
  2. CCTV camera inspections
  3. High pressure hydro cleaning
  4. Pipe repairs and drain renewals
  5. Stormwater drain cleaning

Sewer blockages can be an absolute nuisance and headache, they also create their own unique problems and always seem to occur at the worst possible times.

The most common causes of a blocked drain tend to be tree roots, collapsed piping, or pipes that have cracked, broken or sagged over time. Blockages also occur when foreign things end up down the drain.

Signs of a blocked drain:

  • Gurgling noises coming from your fixtures/ pipes
  • Slow draining toilets and sinks
  • Sewer smells coming from your drains
  • Overflowing O.R.G

At the first sight of a sewer or storm water blockage you can call us any time of the day, we have our own specialized Hino truck fitted and equipped with all the necessary equipment to tackle the problem head on and make light work of your blockage.

Some of the tools we use are: high pressure hydro jetting machine, electric eel and CCTV drain camera. We can even renew drains or organize drain relines in the worst case scenarios.

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