Gas Plumbing

We are also experienced in all areas of gas plumbing from leak detection to new gas line installations, plus appliance installations and further. We will also perform a carbon monoxide test to ensure your home is safe.


  1. New gas appliance installations
  2. Gas line repairs and renewals
  3. Gas leak detection
  4. New gas point installation

At Duggan Plumbing we understand how important and essential gas is to a fully functioning household and we offer a wide range of gas-related services including gas line renewals, disconnect and re-connect of gas appliances, gas line maintenance and repairs and finally the most important gas leak detection and repair.

If you smell a strange odour or suspect a gas leak for any reason it is vital the problem is not ignored and detection and repairs are not delayed. Our wide range of services ensures that we can help resolve any issue you are facing promptly weather it is a gas line repair or a full gas line renewal.

Our team are highly experienced in safely disconnecting existing gas appliances in households and re connecting gas appliances with all the necessary certifications and gas safety regulations.

Also our team is not just limited to just gas leaks we are also experienced with:

  • Gas stove and oven installs
  • Gas hot water unit installs
  • Installation of additional gas points

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