What Are the Things You Must Stop Flushing Down the Toilet?

People dumping the incorrect things down the toilet cause many plumbing problems. Usually, homeowners don’t pay attention to the garbage they flush down the toilet, including dental floss and baby wipes. 

The idea that the toilet also serves as a convenient trash can is a common misconception. When you flush your trash after putting it in the trash, magic happens, and it vanishes!

The vast majority of toilets are only intended to handle toilet paper and organic waste. If you flush anything down the toilet, you risk badly clogging your toilet plumbing system. 

In extreme circumstances, you can have a completely clogged toilet that a licensed plumber can only clear.

Knowing exactly what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet will help you avoid a plumbing emergency. These terms that you should never flush down the toilet are listed below:


You shouldn’t flush food down the toilet, to be clear. Because decomposing food is essentially what human faeces are, the answer may surprise you. Your plumbing system will experience issues if you flush food that hasn’t been digested. 

Food may cause a clogged toilet until it eventually decomposes, even if it is biodegradable and will eventually do so. Plumbing pipes should never contain undigested food. Even mushy mashed potatoes and porridge are forbidden limits!


The toilet should never be used to flush hair. Fluttering hair down the toilet is unacceptable just because your body generates it. Hair can clog the drain in your bathtub just as easily as in your toilet. 

Hair, like dental floss, forms a net and sticks to everything when flushed down the toilet. In any amount of time buried in water, hair floats and does not disintegrate.


You shouldn’t dump grease or oil down the toilet. Cooking oil solidifies as it cools. It will build up inside your plumbing system, leading to significant obstructions. 

Cooking oil buildup in sewer systems may cause waste to back up into your home. You can attempt to clean up frying grease if you unintentionally flush it down the toilet by following up with a pail of hot water.


You shouldn’t flush feminine hygiene items like tampons and pads down the toilet. Tampons will eventually block your plumbing system, despite the temptation to flush them for hygiene reasons. 

Tampons are not meant to disintegrate in fluids. They absorb water. As a result, tampons will expand when flushed down the toilet, severely damaging your plumbing.

Paper Towels 

Paper towels should never be flushed into the toilet. The same holds when flushing tissues or paper towels. 

Please remember that they are not all the same, although they resemble toilet paper. 

These goods don’t break down as quickly as toilet paper, which makes them more prone to clog pipes. Put your tissues, paper towels, and napkins in the garbage instead.

Cat Litter

For the avoidance of doubt, never dump cat litter down the toilet. Most toilets lack sufficient water pressure to move waste through your pipes effectively. All it does is increase the amount of debris in the water, making cleanup more challenging. 

It would help if you also refrained from flushing cat faeces from the litter box. Toilets and plumbing systems are damaged by cat litter. Since litter dehydrates the waste, toilets are only intended to discharge water-soluble waste.

Dental Floss 

Dental floss should not be flushed down the toilet. Dental floss might appear unimportant, but because it takes a while to break down, it could eventually cause environmental harm. 

Dental floss typically tangles with hair, toilet paper, and waste, accumulating inside the pipes to form a significant mass. It will enlarge with time and develop barriers that an emergency toilet plumber can only remove.


It is forbidden to flush drugs down the toilet. Although flushing medications won’t significantly increase the likelihood of blockages, the water supply will become tainted. Sewer systems cannot remove drugs in the water. 

Any prescription flushed down the toilet can eventually affect the ecosystem because toilet water ends up in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Dispose of any prescriptions you no longer require at your neighbourhood pharmacy.


It is vital to be mindful of the items you flush down your toilet. Even if it is an item marketed as “flushable,” it is best to avoid flushing it. The items that should never be flushed down the toilet include feminine hygiene products, diapers, paper towels, cotton swabs, dental floss, and cat litter. 

Flushing these items can lead to plumbing problems, clogs, and backups, resulting in costly repairs and damage to your home. To avoid these problems, be sure to always properly dispose of these items in the trash. If you ever experience this, you can call a toilet blockage plumber. 

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